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Caroline Harding

Simon Harding completed a highly distinguished 30-year career with the Metropolitan Police Service (London) in July 2021. During this time, he worked in a number of criminal investigation and specialist crime department’s as well as operational command units overseeing local crime in several boroughs of London. Simon was a Detective Chief Inspector and Senior Investigating Officer in the Counter Terrorism Command (SO15) and most recently within the Homicide, Specialist Crime Command. In 2020 he was recognised as the National Senior Investigating Officer of the Year by the National Police Chiefs Council for his leadership in the investigation of some of the United Kingdom’s most high-profile crimes. 

Simon has presented cases at the National Senior Investigation Officers’ Conference and delivered numerous training courses to all ranks within UK policing. He is a qualified PIP3 Counter Terrorism and Serious Crime Senior Investigating Officer who has led over 80 national homicide and serious crime investigations. 

Some of the cases that Simon has overseen include:



2020 – Senior Investigating Officer (Scenes) for the investigation into Wayne Couzens who raped and killed Sarah Everard after kidnapping her from a street in London.


2020 – Conviction of Danyal Hussein for the double murder of sisters Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry in Fryent Country Park who were killed as part of a satanic pact Hussein had made to become rich. 


2019 – Conviction of Zahid Younis for the murder of Henriett Szucz and Mihrican Mustafa whose bodies were kept in a freezer.


2019 – Conviction of Kirill Belorusov for the murder of Laureline Garcia-Bertaux who was found buried in a shallow grave in her garden.


2018 – Conviction of Stephen Waterson and Adrian Hoare for the manslaughter of three-year-old Alfie Lamb who was crushed to death using an electric car seat. 


2018 – Conviction of Wojciech Tadewicz for the murder of Sandra Zmijan who was bludgeoned to death by a hammer in a domestic murder.


2018 – Conviction of Stephen O’Rourke and identification of Jason O’Rourke for the murder of Rocky Djelal who the brothers believed was responsible for their younger brother’s death 18 years before.


2018 – Conviction of Daniel Grogan and other members of his family for the murder of 18-year-old Jay Sewell in a ‘jealousy’ attack.


2017 – Identification of Nathaniel Henry (death by suicide) as the murderer of father and daughter Noel and Marie Brown. Both victims were strangled and Noel Brown had been dismembered. 


2017 – Conviction of Robert Peters for the murder of his seven-year-old daughter, Sophia Peters, who he had strangled in their home with a dressing gown cord.



2018 – Prevention of terrorist attack by first all-female terrorist cell to be identified in the UK. Conviction of Safaa Boular, Rizlaine Boular, Mina Dich and Khawla Barghouthi for terrorist offences. 

2017 – Conviction of Haroon Syed for terrorist offences including the planned bombing of a central location in London.

2015 – UK Counter Terrorism Senior Investigating Officer on the terrorist attack on the Bardo Museum in Tunisia.

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