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Personalised Career Support

Leaving a police force after decades of service can feel very destabilising. One day you are part of a team, a family. Everyone around you understands who you are and what you have achieved. They recognise the value of the training you have undertaken and the acronyms you have gained throughout your career. 

But the day you hand back your warrant card, the world becomes less clear. You need to explain who you are to potential employers and translate your expertise and experience into skill sets that they will understand and value.

Caroline Harding provides personalised career support to help police officers and staff through this career transition.

If you are about to retire from the police or have recently retired and would like some help thinking about the next step in your professional life, Caroline would be happy to offer you a free 30-minute career coaching session.

Caroline also offers a service to write your CV and LinkedIn profile and she will provide you with advice on how to make the most of LinkedIn and other resources for your job searches.

If you would like support in managing the emotional side of leaving the police after many years of service, we collaborate with a highly experienced personal coach who can provide practical advice and guidance.


To enquire about any of these services, please contact us below.

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